crazy days in Amsterdam, crazy days!!!
Just finished the first part of the Live Cinema residency at STIEM studio (I was in Studio1 from the 5th to the 13th of September).
STEIM Studio1 is basically a dream come true.
It’s completely silent; thoughts can reach their logical conclusion.
It’s almost completely sound proof; you can make noise at any time.
(almost) non-stop productivity.

The first thing I needed to do was make a patch that could control where the sound would be output to…
8 channel mixer

Once I had that taken care of, I started in on the “Eurydice Masher”…
This 8-channel installation will greet people as they walk in from off the street.
The raw idea is to expose people to ALL previous recordings of music based on the myth of Orpheus (for this performance I will focus specifically on the Eurydice aspects). There will be a program note with the outline of the myth, people sit down and listen to the “Masher” as they read. The patch is very simple… sample manipulation & spatialisation…

Eurydice Masher

Next on the agenda was the 5.1 introduction.
I’m using video and multi-channel output from Ableton Live.
This short sequence will introduce the audience to the 5.1 surround system…
5.1 Introduction

Jamie Griffiths was also a resident at STEIM while I was there…
she gives workshops about a program called Isadora.
The program is a very cool idea…
Me and Isadora

Then comes PD (Pure Data)
Open Source = Spiritual Ideals
I own my trumpet

Then Jos Heutmekers came through STEIM…
always has great ideas.
great guy.
great to see him again.
Video Geometries…
A portrait of Jos. (He doesn’t look so impressed though!)
Jos Sphered

STEIM studio is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam.

I left the studio on the 13th, Moldover came in on the 14th.


The trickiest part is balancing all of this with the Afro-beat band.
videos, text, etc…




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