Morocco // Zuluwannsago

Zuluwannsago made it to the Tanjazz festival in Tangier, Morocco…
That to me is proof that G-d exists!
Traveling with this band is really like being part of a circus.
Only one bag, and allllllllllmost one passport were lost on the way here.
Thank the lord for that beautiful Spanish flight attendant.
Because of her one musician avoided being introduced to Africa by the police!
Oh yeah; how could I forget? We almost missed the first flight that left from Amsterdam.
I have no idea how road-managers do their job!?
Fortunately I’ve traveled enough to feel confident navigating HUGE airports and complicated scenarios encountered en-route…
Me, my trumpet, my crucials, and my luggage all made it here safe and sound.
Here’s Yusufu (I found out he actually has a ‘u’ at the end of his name on the plane) at the palace showing the ladies some dance moves. great moment : )

Maintenant, je vais parle francaise parce que je suis dans le morroc.
No no no no no, not enough energy for that right now.
demain peut etre.

Tomorrow night we play at the Tangier palace at 1am.
I really think it’s going to be one of the best shows we’ve ever played.
I’ve decided to make it my new mission to bring as much positivity to this group as I can.
I’m the youngest cat in the group so I can still get away with being a little naive ; )
It’s just sooo difficult being surrounded by sooo much negativity sometimes.
A few of the guys in the group are really religious, and I think it’s starting to rub off on me!
This morning the guitar player, Sam Sawadego, and I were discussing life…
It’s really easy to say that people SHOULD be a certain way;
It’s another thing to actually live your life like that.
Being kind, compassionate, trusting, and optimistic can actually be quite difficult!
There’s just so much stress/drama in this world sometimes!
It’s hard to know when to speak up, and when to just keep my mouth shut.
check this extract from the meeting we were having earlier today…
(yes, the meeting was on the beach; yes, it was glorious; yes, yes, yes)

my impression is as follows;
Yusufu is the fire; raw/un-tamable.
his energy is so intense that usually it just causes confusion.
but that is not HIS fault.
being a good listener can be invaluable when someone is trying to explain their ideas.
especially when they’re from a creative space.
again, it’s easier to say than to do.

Anyway, is officially online!
I put it up the day before we left.
It’s very far from perfect, but it’s up and running.
I hope it makes Yusuf’s life easier.
That guy works so hard; it’s about time he starts getting some back.

One Live,

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  1. Hey Sean,
    First time I see this post, thanks! It’s nice to see you guys having fun and being so intensely busy with something you love so much: and that’s music of course. How are things in NY and when are you coming back to Amsterdam? (And finish the website 😉

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