The making of Zuluwannsago.NL with Yusuf Nuweku

Went to Zaandam yesterday to work with Yusuf… spent all night filming him and working on the website. I’m realizing more and more how crucial it is for ALL artists to be able to wear ALL hats these days. Web development has become an almost everyday affair. SHED the modes, SHED the scores, and SHED html/css::: I really can’t stress this enough to any “artists in training” out there in the universe who might be reading this.

I’m working on for Yusuf so that the world can really see what a bada*s he is. Once the site is online the first thing you’ll see is the fruits of our labor last night in Zaandam in Yusuf’s basement. This guy has so many instruments in his arsenal. Would’ve taken two days to document him playing them all. I really learned a lot about Yus’s background in the process of making this video; turns out that he’s descended from a royal family of healers in Ghana. People would come from all over Ghana to be healed by his family. The best part was definitely learning that they actually use drums/rhythms (or “languages” as he calls them) to heal people who are in need.

After we finished the filming I turned on a mic so that Yusuf could record a voice-over for the video. Turned into a pretty deep moment. It was about 2am and a lightning/thunderstorm was slowly rolling in. At that point I wasn’t sure if I was recording a voice-over or deep wisdom that should surface in some type of dubstep crusher! It’ll probably end up in both : ) After I turned off the microphone, it was raining and Yusuf was in a really reflective mood. I started to type snippets of what he was saying:

sacrifice different things.
the drum holds everything.
you don’t understand it.
we don’t know nothing about it.
that’s how it works spiritually.
spiritual fighters, spiritual killers won’t shoot you.
they’ll find you when you’re sleeping.
the skin is slipping, it’s week.
only if you have that code,
that will fight your body back.
serious dreaming.
heart is beating.
that’s how things go.
it’s my house.
no monsters in my house.
sometimes people play the music with me.
but they don’t know who I am.
I teach them how to live live.
how to be faithful.
how to love one another.
don’t ever think bad about nobody.
be free minded.
live until you can’t live no more
if you see someone whose  95 years old.
it’s just the free mind, and the free heart.
no disease will come near the tent ever.
the free mind is powerful.
the free heart is powerful.
slowly the heart is getting weaker.
the mind is getting weaker.
not developing to be stronger.
you that you’re week.
very serious sickness.
nothing is going to happen.
be free in the heart and mind.
the worshiping.
who is the powerful?


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