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So Zuluwannsago made it back from Morocco.
All in all, it was an absolutely un-believable/life changing experience.
Sooooooo many lessons;;;
As always, I learned 10 ‘don’ts’ for every 1 ‘do'<<
Here’s a short snippet of Zuluwannsago from the outdoor show at the Tanjazz festival 2011…
At this ‘universe moment’ I was filming AND playing trumpet — as you can see/hear!
Only after the camera goes down (on my trumpet case) can you hear me playing.
Tooooo bad it wasn’t the SoulPower2011line. That would’ve been epic. (I’ll put that line up in a later post so that you have some idea about what I’m talking about)
ANYWAY, this clip is very near and dear to my heart; it really documents a place and time.

The sub plot of the Tanjazz experience was that I met this fashion designer from Philly named Taji Naal. We met, We talked, We did a session, I did the music for his fashion show. Now it’s being turned into a documentary. More on that later.

It was an absolutely incredible trip in so many ways, but I’m actually really glad that it’s over! BECAUSE…

I came back to Slamsterdam and jumped right into the second segment of the Live Cinema residency at STEIM studio. I worked (a little too) hard to present 2011 Meditations on Eurydice (October 2nd, 2011 ).
So so so so much can be said about this performance.
I will have to go further in depth at a later date.
Highlights included; the string 4tet sounding amazing, late night conversations with jos about trusting artistic decisions, refining/smoothing the live cinema process into a science, the toe, the rug, the beverage being involved, and the toe.

Eventually, there will surely be an overload of propaganda concerning this performance on my official live cinema website:::
<< >>

Now I have officially transistioned into what I have come to term Fokker5000.
I’m back in Studio1, finishing the microtonal piece composed for the Fokker Orgel entitled “Ode Aan Het Ij” (premiered at the Gaudeamus Muziek Week in 2010.
I’m working on a stereo piece (1 for speakers, 1 for headphones), and a full on electro-acoustic 8 channel version.

Holy Moly.
Just writing all of this down has fried my egg.
Tomorrow is another big day.
must rest.
Tot ziens.



crazy days in Amsterdam, crazy days!!!
Just finished the first part of the Live Cinema residency at STIEM studio (I was in Studio1 from the 5th to the 13th of September).
STEIM Studio1 is basically a dream come true.
It’s completely silent; thoughts can reach their logical conclusion.
It’s almost completely sound proof; you can make noise at any time.
(almost) non-stop productivity.

The first thing I needed to do was make a patch that could control where the sound would be output to…
8 channel mixer

Once I had that taken care of, I started in on the “Eurydice Masher”…
This 8-channel installation will greet people as they walk in from off the street.
The raw idea is to expose people to ALL previous recordings of music based on the myth of Orpheus (for this performance I will focus specifically on the Eurydice aspects). There will be a program note with the outline of the myth, people sit down and listen to the “Masher” as they read. The patch is very simple… sample manipulation & spatialisation…

Eurydice Masher

Next on the agenda was the 5.1 introduction.
I’m using video and multi-channel output from Ableton Live.
This short sequence will introduce the audience to the 5.1 surround system…
5.1 Introduction

Jamie Griffiths was also a resident at STEIM while I was there…
she gives workshops about a program called Isadora.
The program is a very cool idea…
Me and Isadora

Then comes PD (Pure Data)
Open Source = Spiritual Ideals
I own my trumpet

Then Jos Heutmekers came through STEIM…
always has great ideas.
great guy.
great to see him again.
Video Geometries…
A portrait of Jos. (He doesn’t look so impressed though!)
Jos Sphered

STEIM studio is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam.

I left the studio on the 13th, Moldover came in on the 14th.


The trickiest part is balancing all of this with the Afro-beat band.
videos, text, etc…




Amsterdam, Zuluwannsago, Morocco, Live Cinema, Microtonal Schenanigans

Well, here we go; the first official post on my brand spankin’ new blog — mixed feelings.
serious love/hate relationships with technology pervade my everyday life…
A sentiment that is shared by countless cats in my generation.
however, i’m usually more on the love side; hence the blog : )

I’m back in the slamster-dam, gearing up for Morocco with Zuluwannsago.
Yusuf Nuweku (the composer/bandleader) is one of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with.
He’s the fire. raw, un-rated.
Unfortunately, a lot of this world works off of more than universe juice.
I’m in the process of building with Yus so that he can start REALLY hustling the band.
a brief moment of poetry;;;

feelings of entitlement lead to anger and frustration.
be thankful for what you have; not angry about what you don’t.

Everyone in the band seems to be ready to bring the heat to the Tanjazz festival…
I just hope that we can all put aside our egos and play yusuf’s music how it’s supposed to be played.
You can see yus playing the sh*t out of a bunch of instruments in the below video… (Zuluwannsago is rehearsing at Hippo records’ headquarters in Amsterdam)
I really have nothing but respect and love for that man.
I once saw him eat an entire RAW ginger root (the size of a big hand) in the course of one rehearsal.
I’m definitely excited to go to Morocco with these cats.

In other SW related news…
I’ll be doing a two part Live Cinema residency at STEIM studios ( in September/October…
And then another session at STEIM to finally finish what I’ve come to call “Fokker5000”
Right now I’ve just gotta end this post so that I can warm down on trumpet before I make tempura with Enrique Mendoza (
mmmmm… tempuraaaaa

vibrations to whoever might be reading this blog in whatever dimension they might be in.
One Love Universe!