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Well, here we go; the first official post on my brand spankin’ new blog — mixed feelings.
serious love/hate relationships with technology pervade my everyday life…
A sentiment that is shared by countless cats in my generation.
however, i’m usually more on the love side; hence the blog : )

I’m back in the slamster-dam, gearing up for Morocco with Zuluwannsago.
Yusuf Nuweku (the composer/bandleader) is one of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with.
He’s the fire. raw, un-rated.
Unfortunately, a lot of this world works off of more than universe juice.
I’m in the process of building with Yus so that he can start REALLY hustling the band.
a brief moment of poetry;;;

feelings of entitlement lead to anger and frustration.
be thankful for what you have; not angry about what you don’t.

Everyone in the band seems to be ready to bring the heat to the Tanjazz festival…
I just hope that we can all put aside our egos and play yusuf’s music how it’s supposed to be played.
You can see yus playing the sh*t out of a bunch of instruments in the below video… (Zuluwannsago is rehearsing at Hippo records’ headquarters in Amsterdam)
I really have nothing but respect and love for that man.
I once saw him eat an entire RAW ginger root (the size of a big hand) in the course of one rehearsal.
I’m definitely excited to go to Morocco with these cats.

In other SW related news…
I’ll be doing a two part Live Cinema residency at STEIM studios ( in September/October…
And then another session at STEIM to finally finish what I’ve come to call “Fokker5000”
Right now I’ve just gotta end this post so that I can warm down on trumpet before I make tempura with Enrique Mendoza (
mmmmm… tempuraaaaa

vibrations to whoever might be reading this blog in whatever dimension they might be in.
One Love Universe!


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